Bournemouth and Poole College criticised for leaving A level students in the lurch

(Post made again in a personal capacity.)

As reported in the Bournemouth Echo today (see the College has been criticised by parents and teenagers after announcing that it will stop offering several A level courses at the end of this academic year, including for several children who are only part way through their courses.

Understandably a lot of concern from parents and students. Some current @BPCollege A-level students have been told they now have to change courses, extending their time in further education by a year, or attempt to find an alternative sixth form/college.

Tweet from the Echo

I think this action by the College is disappointing and very disrespectful/inconsiderate for the teenagers concerned. I am not surprised however: as pointed out previously on this blog, the College has very poor governance and management in my view.

I hope the students concerned find new places at local schools/colleges soon. If they do, it will probably be a blessing in disguise as they and their families will probably find themselves dealing with an establishment that better run than BP College.

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