New Home! Blog moved here, copy of old site header

(Post made at 0935 BST UK time on 27 Sep 2018 in a personal capacity.  Please see here for important background and disclosure of interests).

I have set up this new WordPress blog today, to replace my previous Blogger one (which was at

I have migrated all posts, comments and tags from the Blogger site to this one (Word Press has an excellent import facility) but intend that any new posts will be made here from now on.

Please note that the import process was not quite clever enough to amend links within posts, so, unless I find time to amend these, blog posts imported here with links to other posts are likely to point to the posts on the old site.  I intend to keep the old site up for a while for this reason.

The Blogger site displayed the following header at the top of each page:

Welcome to my blog in which I aim to write about music and in particular about matters that may be of interest to any members of the Society for Wessex Young Musicians (SWYM, of which I was Chairman from Nov 2012 until 4 Feb 2017), and to anyone interested in the Centre for Wessex Young Musicians (CWYM) which is part of the Bournemouth and Poole College (“The College”). The most well known part of the CWYM is the Wessex Youth Orchestra. Parents of CWYM pupils are automatically members of SWYM.


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