Secret Bournemouth and Poole College Wessex Youth Orchestra rehearsal schedules for 2017/2018

(Post made at 1620 UK BST time on 3 Sep 2018 in a personal capacity.  Please see here for important background and disclosure of interests).

Further to this post last year, below are the Wessex Youth Orchestra (WYO) rehearsal schedules for the past academic year.  They are still marked secret on the CWYM website (“for WYO members and families only”, see, and on the schedules themselves (with the exception of the Summer 2018 schedule – a sign of progress?): “Private and confidential”.

This secrecy continues to be bizarre and in the past parents have mentioned to me, on learning of this practice (after their child had recently joined the WYO): “I understand that the rehearsal schedules are secret – what’s that about??”.

As in the past, I had to use the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) in order to obtain the schedules, and the Bournemouth and Poole College has again tried to prevent their publication by claiming that copyright prevents them from being published without the copyright holder’s permission.

As I pointed out to the College last year, the Information Commissioner’s own guidance makes clear that information that is obtained via FoIA is “for the world to see” (that is the point of the Act), and providing copyright is acknowledged and no commercial use is being made, copyright is no bar to publication.

Notice that once again, the Spring term continued to be extremely demanding, with 18 rehearsals (including on Thursday and Friday evenings in the two weeks running up to the concert), as opposed to 11 in the other terms. I do hope that, unlike last year, no problems were caused by these four extra WYO weekday rehearsals clashing with school concerts or important rehearsals. I also hope that WYO children were not only released from WYO Saturday rehearsals which clashed with a school event, but encouraged to take part in that school event.

Rehearsal Schedule for Autumn 2017 (Pages 1 and 2, Copyright Bournemouth and Poole College)

Rehearsal Schedule for Spring 2018 (Pages 1 and 2, Copyright Bournemouth and Poole College)

Rehearsal Schedule for Summer 2018 (Pages 1 and 2, Copyright Bournemouth and Poole College)

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