Record of Wessex Youth Orchestra Leaders

(Post made at 1402 UK time on 07 Jan 2018 in a personal capacity.  Please see here for important background and disclosure of interests).

James di Capite (Leader) and Patrick Curlett (soloist and former Leader) in 2006

This is a record of the list of Wessex Youth Orchestra (WYO) leaders to the best of my knowledge.  Any corrections/omissions/additions gratefully received. (This is some of the content which I had added to the previous CWYM website which was closed down, along with the previous CWYM Facebook page, by sudden order of the Bournemouth and Poole College in December 2016. This content – part of the WYO’s history – doesn’t seem to appear anywhere now so I am reproducing it here).

2018-2019 Sally Aiko Dando (updated: added this entry on 11 Dec 2018)

2017-2018 Helena Bartlett
2016-2017 Helena Bartlett
2015-2016 Helena Bartlett
2014-2015 Helena Bartlett
2013-2014 Eszter Sitku
2012-2013 Nathalie Green-Buckley

2011-2012 Nathalie Green-Buckley, then Adam Collins (during tour to Austria and Germany)
2010-2011 Eszter Sitku and Rachel Evans
2009-2010 Holly Wallis and Suzanne Di Capite
2008-2009 Emily Maidment and Leah Howell
2007-2008 James di Capite
2006-2007 James di Capite
2005-2006 Jonathan Searle
2004-2005 Patrick Curlett
2003-2004 Oliver McMullen and Patrick Curlett
2002-2003 Victoria Corke (now Grebe)
2001-2002 Alex Pritchard and Esther Frake
2000-2001 Jenny Holt (now Barrett)
1999-2000 Jenny Holt (now Barrett)
1998-1999 Hannah Scott (now McCarthy)
1997-1998 Clare Baker (now Todd)
1996-1997 ?
1995-1996 Piotr Kopec
1994-1995 ?
1993-1994 ?
1992-1993 Sarah Duffield ?
1991-1992 Vicky Perry (now Berry)
1990-1991 Helen Duffield
1986-1990 Natalie Townsend Rose ?
1985-1986 Gillian Cook
1984-1985 ?
1983-1984 Ian Berridge
1982-1983 Ann Criscuolo
1981-1982 Rosie Fraser (now Moorsom) and Vanessa Hughes
1980-1981 Katie Hull
1979-1980 ?
1978-1979 ?
1977-1978 ?
1976-1977 ?
1975-1976 ?
1974-1975 ?
1973-1974 ?
1972-1973 ?
1971-1972 ?

? Duncan Riddell (years?)
Peter Stark (year[s], sometime in the 1970s?)?

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