If you have alternative suggestions to sort out the current WYO/CWYM situation, please contact me asap

(Post made at 2358 UK time on 06 Jun 2017. This post is made on a personal basis, as a member – and until 4 February 2017 Chairman -of SWYM because of my significant concerns about the running of the musically excellent Wessex Youth Orchestra, and about recent aspects of the governance of SWYM and the management of the CWYM and College. Please see https://musicmattersandculture.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/welcome-disclosure-of-interests-terms.html for important background and disclosure of interests).

I put my suggestions for improving the current (extremely unsatisfactory) situation a few weeks ago here. Since then I have received further evidence reinforcing my view that the current situation is unlikely to prove tenable. So if you have credible alternative suggestions please contact me asap.
(You can do this publicly via comments on this blog or on my Patrick SWYM Facebook account, or if you prefer, privately via a Facebook message to that account). 

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